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Estate Planning Strategies

There is a line of thinking that says you can't get where you're going, until you know where you want to be. There's another line of thinking that says the quickest way to get where you want to be, is to know the point from which you're starting.

I'd like to invite you to consider both.

Living comfortably in retirement; protecting the people who are important to you; making sure your business succeeds after you've turned over the reigns; these are all important goals that require careful thought and planning. But first, you have to know "where you are now" and "where you want to be."

The service I offer is helping you get there. I'll work with you, and your other advisors, to develop and implement a plan that helps make sure:

  • Estate taxes don't take a substantial bite out of what you leave to your heirs
  • You (and your spouse) don't "outlive" your retirement assets
  • Your assets are distributed to heirs (family, charity, foundations, etc.) in a timely manner, at reduced expense, and without public scrutiny
  • Your business is passed to a named successor, intact
  • An illness requiring long term care services doesn't deplete what you've spent a lifetime building